4 new oil and gas fields discovered in different locations in Saudi Arabia.

RIYADH — Minister of Energy Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman announced that Saudi Aramco has discovered four new oil and gas fields in the Kingdom.

  • He said that non-conventional oil has been discovered in Al-Reesh oil field, northwest of Dhahran. Al-Reesh Well No. 2 has 4,452 barrels per day of Arab extra light crude oil, along with 3.2 million standard cubic feet of natural gas.
  • To determine the field’s size, Aramco has drilled Al-Reesh Well No. 3 and Well No. 4. Well No. 3’s initial production has reached 2,745 barrels per day of the same oil type, along with 3 million standard cubic feet of gas per day. Well No. 4’s daily flow of Arab Extra Light crude oil amounts to 3,654 barrels per day, along with a daily 1.6 million standard cubic feet of natural gas.
  • Non-conventional gas has also been discovered in Al-Sarrah reservoir at Al-Minahhaz well, southwest of the Ghawar oil field, and at Al-Sahbaa well, south of Ghawar.
  • Gas from Al-Minahhaz well amounts to 18 million standard cubic feet daily, along with a daily 98 barrels of condensate, and out of Al-Sahbaa well a daily rate of 32 million standard cubic feet.
  • Oil has also been discovered in Al-Ajramiyah Well No. 1, which lies to the north-west of the city of Rafhaa in the Northern Borders Province. The well test shows a rate of 3,850 barrels of oil per day.
  • The Minister of Energy pointed out that the discovery at Al-Reesh field is especially important as it shows that it is possible to produce Arab extra light crude oil at the Tuwaiq Mountain Formation.
  • He also said that Saudi Aramco continues to work on determining the size and volume of discovered fields and estimating the amount of oil, gas, and condensate in these fields.
  • He added that the discoveries underline the wealth of natural resources the Kingdom has at its disposal. — SPA

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