A Filipino frontline Doctor leaves Hospital in Saudi Arabia after battling Covid-19 for 139 Days

A frontline doctor who was helping to treat Corona patients in Saudi Arabia before infected with Covid-19 has left hospital after battling for her life for 5 months.

Dr. Mayella Montemar has invited all to get vaccinated and help to crub the spread of Corona virus, it left her unable to walk and robbed her of her husband reports Al Arabiya news.

She is an expat doctor in Obstertics ang Gynecology at Aster Sanad hospital in Riyadh, she report shortness of breath, fever in the mid of August 2020, she and her husband Sheridan Chan Montemar is a national guard in Saudi Arabia tested positive for the Corona virus. She was admitted to the hospital where she worked as in patient and she began experiencing severe breathing difficulties, nausea and vomiting.

She had practiced medicine in Saudi Arabia for 9 years and calls Saudi Arabia as her home and place where she and her husband got married and raised 3 young children. As a frontline worker, I had seen and helped corona patients, as physicians we expect this to happen, but I did not expect the symptoms to be severe, she said to Al Arabiya. 

She has a history of severe Asthma, Dr. Montemar began experiencing severe complications and admitted to ICU on 29th August. Her husband suffered minor complications and was at home caring there 3 children.

He admitted to hospital on 30th August, after suffering severe chest pain, he died shortly after. She was in state of shock after a friend broke the news. Dr. Montemar said, it was the kindness of the staff, which saved her, her colleagues provided her finding a home for her 3 children whilst she recovered in hospital. She was back on a day ward in September, but again she shifted to ICU due to ongoing complications like pneumonia, which left her unable to walk.

During this time her 3 children infected with Covid-19, they were also put in isolation at the same hospital until they were clear of virus. 

She was finally discharged on January 8th. She invited everyone to be vaccinated, any treatment at this time is a big help for whole world, we should take this pandemic seriously and help to save the lives of others.

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