Controls of Groceries and Supplies works in the First and Second phases

The Municipality of Madinah Al-Munawara Region clarified the controls of working in groceries and supplies in the first and second phases. 

The first phase set to be effective from February 10, it includes the presence of valid health certificates for workers, and the presence of a valid license, according to the Municipality of Madina. 

  • Existence of a price on all products, and the presence of surveillance CCTV cameras from the controls of working groceries and supplies, according to the Municipality of Medina.
  • In the second phase which is set to be from June 29, includes the provision of an electronic billing system, sticking to the specifications of the new panels, and a fully transparent interface.
  • It also includes installing a sliding door that allows visibility, distributing lighting throughout the facility, cleanliness of floors and storage areas, cleanliness of cooling units and surrounding areas, sticking to the minimum distance between shelves, from the controls of grocery and supplies work.
  • As well as hanging the first aid box, storing cleaning materials away from food, the presence of mobile fire extinguishing cylinders, and the cleanliness of the walls, ceilings and shelves.

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