E-participation platforms asked to limit direct dealing only with Saudi workers

Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Ahmed Al-Rajhi has issued a directive to limit the direct dealing of electronic participatory platforms with only Saudi workers and not with non-Saudi workers except through their firms where they are working.

This decision aims to curb illegal employment, as well as to create a suitable and feasible work environment for Saudis in the field of participatory work in various activities, and stimulate the investment of entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises to cover the needs in a systematic manner.

The minister’s decision comes within the ministry’s efforts to regulate the labor market in line with the developments in the Kingdom at various levels, most notably modern work patterns, as work through participatory electronic platforms is one of the most prominent of these work patterns.

The ministry has defined a participatory electronic platform as any application or website that acts as an intermediary to facilitate the access of services to the consumer through the sharing of physical and human assets with individuals.

The ministry’s new decision will come into force 180 days after its publication on the ministry’s website, and the ministry will take all necessary measures to ensure that all private firms would adhere to the decision.

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