Economic, energy committee of Shoura Council discusses annual report of ministry of industry

The economic and energy committee of the Shoura Council held a virtual meeting here on Friday.

In the meeting, which was chaired by Dr. Faisal Al-Fadhel, members of the committee discussed the annual report of the ministry of industry and mineral resources for the fiscal year 1440/1441 AH.

The committee reviewed the most important means to support the ministry in terms of organizational structure and governance of the related sectors, for its advancement. It also discussed appropriate mechanisms to encourage industrial integration among national factories.

The meeting discussed the efforts of the National Industry Information Center (NIIC) and support of its projects in providing accurate and updated information and data to spur investment in the industrial sector.

The committee discussed mechanisms to encourage and stimulate the establishment of factories in cities and regions to support sustainability in the industrial sector, and the channels of communication with the ministry and address the challenges and obstacles it faces in carrying out its tasks.

It is noteworthy that the economic and energy committee is one of the Council’s specialized committees, and it studies, according to its competence, the relevant issues, laws, and regulations that are referred to it by the council for study, and submits its report containing its recommendations.

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