Employers urged to document labor contracts through Madad portal

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development called on employers and owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to document their employees’ labor contracts through the ministry’s Madad platform.

The ministry underlined the necessity of documenting contracts so that the enterprises can benefit from the services of the initiative to improve the contractual relationship.

The ministry launched the Madad platform to provide technical solutions for SMEs in all matters related to wage-related matters.

The launch of Madad comes within the National Transformation Program 2020, with the establishment of a salary and wages company to make the labor market more attractive.

In September last year, the ministry had allowed SMEs to deposit salaries of their workers in e-wallets instead of bank accounts.

The ministry sources said that it is sufficient for SMEs to register in its Madad platform and deposit salaries of those not registered in the wage protection program because of not having their own personal current bank accounts.

The sources confirmed that depositing salaries with Madad will be considered sufficient proof of salaries being paid.

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