First e-license issued for car rental brokerage

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Transport has granted the first electronic license for car rental brokerage in the Kingdom. The beneficiaries of the new license will be Saudis who own private cars.

The new service will enable the renters to choose from among a variety of cars while the Saudi car owners can earn an extra income for them.

Dr. Rumaih Al-Rumaih, the head of the Public Transport Authority, had stated last March that the authority would soon launch an electronic rental broker service for private individuals’ vehicles, through an electronic application licensed by the authority with the aim of” increasing citizens’ income.

He also pointed out that renting an illegal vehicle or unchecked or uninsured one will become a thing of the past after the launch of the new rental portal.

Al-Rumaih noted that any vehicle traveling on the road, even if it is spared from traffic accidents, is vulnerable to non-traffic accidents either by misuse or allegation of misuse.

“The Saudi Residents Authority is ready to carry out a professional and impartial evaluation to safeguard the rights of all the concerned parties in such situations,” he said.

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