HR ministry’s strategy focuses on attracting local, international talent.

RIYADH — The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development said that its strategy to develop the employment market focuses on attracting local and international talents and capabilities. The strategy also prioritizes creating productive job opportunities and a decent life for Saudi citizens and promoting the transition to a diversified and prosperous economy that surpasses all challenges of today and the future.

The ministry stated that its main goals focus on bringing down unemployment; increasing productivity, participation and market efficiency, and these are through reform initiatives that include improving working conditions; a climate for growth and investment; revitalizing the labor market; planning professions; developing professional standards and a system for skills, recruitment, and employment.

The ministry indicated that the strategy was developed on the basis of extensive preliminary studies, research and field surveys. It followed a methodology of reforms aimed to raise the efficiency of the market and working out a strategy implementation plan, after reviewing international benchmarks and analyzing many reports with the participation of all the concerned stakeholders.

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