Important news and information about Ramadan in Haramain.


  1. Emphasis on importance of taking the vaccine, wearing masks, sanitizing and social distancing for all visitors to the Two Holy Mosques.
  2. I’ktikaaf will remain suspended this year.
  3. Iftaar spreads will be postponed (chance that volunteers with issued permits could help distribute meals if health directives approve).
  4. Permission will be given only to enter with dates, water and coffee. Sharing of food will not be permitted.
  5. No Salaah will be allowed on the Mataaf. The Mataaf will be reserved for tawaaf only. The 2 rakaats of tawaaf should be prayed on the 1st floor.
  6. The Library of Masjid-al-Haram as well as The Exhibition of The Holy Qur’an, The Exhibition of The Sites of Haramain and The King Abdul Aziz complex for the the Kiswa of The Holy Kaabah will be opened for visitors between 6am and 12pm.
  7. Over 200 000 bottles of Zamzam to be distributed daily.
  8. Taraweeh will remain as 10 rakaats + 3 Witr.

حرمين میں تمام زائرین کے لئے ویکسین لینے، ماسک پہننے، سنٹائزنگ اور معاشرتی دوری کی اہمیت پر زور دینا۔اعتكاف سال معطل رہے گا۔تراويح 10 راکاتس + 3 وتر کے طور پر رہیں گے۔مطاف پر کوئی نماز کی اجازت نہیں ہوگی۔ متاف صرف طواف کے لئے محفوظ کیا جائے گا. طواف کے 2 رکعت پہلی منزل پر دعا کی جانی چاہئے.

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