Jazan Municipality announces 124 Parks, 16 Waterfronts and 130 Football grounds ready for receiving Visitors.

The Secretariat of Jazan Region and the associated municipalities have equipped more than 124 parks with a total area of ​​more than 3,047,885 square meters, 16 waterfronts with an area of ​​3,754,500 square meters, and 130 football fields. The waterfronts and parks in Jazan region currently receive a lot of visitors during the mid-school holiday.

The Mayor of Jazan region Nayef bin Manahi bin Saidan said that the Secretariat of Jazan region and the municipalities associated with it have prepared many tourist sites in the city of Jizan and the governorates and centers of the Jizan region for the people, residents and visitors to come. 

  • He explained that the Municipality and the associated municipalities continue their daily tasks of supervising 2,248 restaurants to ensure their compliance with the health requirements and food safety provided to those who visit these restaurants on a regular basis, in addition to allocating about 5,512 cleaning workers and allocating 1124 of machinery and equipment to collect, transport and dispose of waste.
  • He highlighted the keenness of the Secretariat and the associated municipalities to raise the level of municipal services, it provides to meet the needs of people, visitors and residents, and keep up with their arrival of public tourist sites, while stressing the need for everyone to stick to the instructions, precautionary measures and preventive measures, in order to preserve the health and safety of everyone.

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