More than six million students returned on Sunday.

Minister of Education Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh has approved the first phase of an advanced study plan for the elementary and intermediate phases of public education as well as for the Holy Qur’an memorization schools.

Science and mathematics will be given more percentage of time in studies in the distance learning during the second semester of the academic year.

More than six million students returned on Sunday to the 10-week long second semester of their remote school education during the current academic year.

According to the new plan, adjustments have been made in the weightage of subject. More percentage of time will be given to the subjects of mathematics and science and there will be adjustments in the relative weightage of Islamic studies.

The weightage for subjects such as Arabic language, technical education and physical education for boys, and family education for girls will be reduced in various proportions.

The study plan also included reducing the number of weekly hours for remote learning for public education.

According to the new plan, class hour will be reduced from 30 to 25 for elementary phase; from 35 to 29 in intermediate phase; and from 33 to 28 in higher grades.

There will also be a comparative reduction in class hours for the elementary and intermediate levels of the Holy Qur’an memorization schools, the ministry said.

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