Public Prosecution to deal with traffic cases under nine circumstances

RIYADH — The General Traffic Department will transfer traffic accident cases to the Public Prosecution under nine circumstances. These included causing of fatalities and injuries by a motorist or his failure to inform traffic department about the accident and fleeing the accident scene.

Abdullah Al-Muqbel, assistant undersecretary of the Public Prosecution for investigation, and Maj. Gen. Muhammad Al-Bassami, director of the General Traffic Department, signed a minutes on Monday to coordinate the mechanism for referring traffic cases to the Public Prosecution in a ceremony held at the Public Prosecution headquarters in Riyadh.

According to the deal, the traffic department has to notify the Public Prosecution immediately when a traffic accident occurs in which the driver has caused death or incapacitating an organ and its use, or resulting in an injury.

The Public Prosecution shall be notified if the driver did not stop his vehicle at the accident scene or fail to notify the competent traffic department about the accident or was not ready to provide possible assistance to the injured.

Replacing the driver of the vehicle who committed the accident or deliberately triggering a traffic accident are other reasons under which traffic department has to inform the Public Prosecution immediately after the occurrence of any road accidents.

In such cases, the Public Prosecution will take the preliminary measures in accordance with the Traffic Law and the Criminal Procedures Law and their executive regulations.

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