Riyadh police arrested 4 Expats and Citizen for forging Medical reports & Sick Leaves

Riyadh Police in Saudi Arabia have arrested a citizen and 4 expats violating the residency rules, including 2 Yemenis, 1 Sudanese and 1 Syrian national, for allegedly forging medical reports and sick leaves.

The spokesperson of the Riyadh police, Major Khaled Al Kreidis, said the 4 men committed several crimes, including forging medical reports and sick leaves, certified with fake stamps and related to medical centers and government hospitals. 

  • He said, They are also reportedly promoted these forged documents on social media networks with the aim of selling them. The police raided a residential unit in the west of Riyadh, where these people used to carried out their crimes.
  • The police said they found a number of forged medical reports, printed materials of government agencies, 9 fake stamps, and a computer device containing forged medical reports, were seized.
  • Al Kreidis said, all the men were arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution for further questioning, trial and action. 

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