Saudi Arabia has contracted with several companies to provide Corona Vaccines for everyone for Free.

The Minister of Health in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, inspected the vaccination center of the capital city, Riyadh and confirmed that the Kingdom has contracted with a number of companies to provide “emerging corona” vaccines for free to Saudi citizens and resident expatriates. 

The Minister of Health confirmed that the Kingdom has signed with more than one company to provide vaccines for citizens and residents for free.

  • He highlighted that the distribution process is taking place at all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia according to a plan that the Ministry of Health is working on to make sure the availability of vaccines for the beneficiaries for free.
  • According to a report by Al-Arabiya, the number of vaccine recipients in the Riyadh center has reached more than 39,000 citizens and expats, and 14,000 doses have been allocated to vaccinate the beneficiaries over the course of Thursday and Friday.
  • Earlier, The Minister of Health announced that Corona vaccine to be available in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within 3 weeks. As per the plan, it will be given in 3 phases, Third phase to cover all people who are above 18 years.

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