Saudi Arabia’s hazard warning system on roads best in Arab world

Saudi Arabia employs the best technology-driven hazard warning system on roads in the Arab world. The ranking is part of the GCC developmental index, according to a report.

The report said that the Saudi transport ministry has covered more than 58 kilometers of the continent-like country with hazard warning signs using technology that produce warning voices once a driver tends to get out of his track due to feeling sleepy or using mobile or suffering worse vision due to bad weather or whatever.

The measure contributed to drastically reducing fatal car accidents from 28.8 deaths to every 100,000 to 16.8 deaths to every 100,000, the report said.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Transport has implemented many safety projects that have significantly reduced the number of deaths and serious injuries resulting from traffic accidents in the Kingdom through a number of works, including traffic signals, in line with the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

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