Saudi Arabia’s Jabal Al-Lawz blanketed in snow

Residents of the Kingdom are enjoying a rare snowy escape this Saudi Winter Season.

One of the season’s destinations is Jabal Al-Lawz, Almond Mountain, which takes its name from the large number of almond trees growing on its slopes. Located in the northwest of the Kingdom and rising to more than 2,600 meters above sea level, Jabal Al-Lawz is blanketed in snow every winter and this year, the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) has chosen the area as one of its 17 destinations.

The snowfall on the granite terrain of Jabal Al-Lawz makes the mountain a perfect winter destination, especially for adventure lovers. For those who haven’t experienced snow before, this winter season is a great opportunity to head up north.

The mountain offers fun activities such as skiing, snow boarding and tubing — and who can resist a snowball fight? The areas are also great for camping on the snow-covered soft sands.

The gentle snow-covered tracks and starlit sky is nature’s way of inviting residents of Tabuk and visitors from across the Kingdom to enjoy the magic of the Saudi winter season.

During the season, which will run until the end of March, visitors will be able to choose from more than 300 experiences and packages by more than 200 tour operators and tourism companies, to discover the Kingdom’s geographical and climate diversity.

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