Saudi Nationality is a right of Child born in Saudi Arabia to Unknown parents – Human Rights

The Human Rights Commission stated that a child born inside Saudi Arabia to unknown parents has the right to get Saudi nationality. This is as per the rights of the child in national systems.

The commission said, “It is the right of a child born in the Kingdom to unknown parents to get Saudi nationality,” and published an infographic on ‘Child Rights in National Systems’, which states that:

  • He shall be a Saudi who was born inside the Kingdom of unknown parents (According to the Saudi Arabian Nationality System).
  • The state provides integrated health care (health system). 
  • It is not held criminally liable for those who did not reach the age of seven at the time the act was committed (the juvenile system).
  • The penalties are increased, if the crime is committed against a child, even if the perpetrator is not aware that the victim is a child (Anti-trafficking Crime Law).

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