Saudi nurse rescues two girls from drowning in Baish

 A Saudi nurse rescued two children from drowning on the beach of Baish in the southern region of Jazan last week. Asrar Abu Raseen, who works as a staff nurse at a government health center in Khamees Mushayt, jumped to sea and saved the two girls — Basmala, aged 6, and Dua, aged 5, from drowning.

Speaking to, Asrar said that while she was documenting on the Snapchat portal her trip to the sea with her family off the coast, she noticed an unusual movement in the sea and saw two girls grappling with waves. “Immediately, I jumped into the water and swam to grab them and rescued them to safety with the help of the Border Guards who rushed to the scene to assist me,” she said.

Asrar continued: “I started giving first aid until the breathing was restored. One of the girls had lost her conscience in the beginning and later regained it. Then, I accompanied them to Masliyah hospital in Baish where the necessary checkups were carried out to ensure that their condition was fine.

Asrar, who was assigned to carry out emergency services in Khamis Mushayt during the coronavirus pandemic, said: “Humanitarian work is a duty of everyone in society, especially we, the employees of the Ministry of Health. Our mission is to provide assistance to those who need it anywhere and at all times,” she said.

Eng. Muhammad Shaban, the father of the children, and their mother thanked Asrar for her heroic role in saving their children. Asrar also visited the children’s home to celebrate the festive occasion with the members of their family.

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