ThePlace: Jabal Al-Qamar, located near Jeddah’s Usfan district, offers variety of tourist activities

Jabal Al-Qamar is located near Usfan, Jeddah and offers tourist activities as part of the Saudi Winter Season that runs until the end of March.

The events were launched in 17 destinations throughout the Kingdom to offer visitors the chance to discover different regions of the country through 300 experiences and packages.

With its dark black rocks and white sands, Jabal Al-Qamar has been named after the Moon due to having similar terrain. The natural beauty and stunning views of the valley provide opportunities for hiking, camping, climbing, and stargazing.

And for those after more daring adventures, options include off-road and desert camping, and quad biking in the sand dunes while there are family activities such as camel riding, football, volleyball, and tug of war.

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